viernes, 1 de octubre de 2010


Name: Miguel V. A.      Date: 14/10/09       Class: 6ºC

I feel happy when I win a game. When I have a present.  When is my birthday.

Happiness is having holidays forever. Going with your friends and laugh. Having a great sunbath in the beach.

I feel lonely when I´m ill in my house and my parents are working. When all the people are playing and I am working

Loneliness is a bird abandoned by its family. When you don´t have anyone to play with. A solitary town in the middle of the night.

I feel shy when I meet a new boy. I am in a new school.

Shyness is the first drop of the rain. The planet Pluto. A house away of a city.

I feel jealous when someone does something good and I do it bad. When I don’t understand something.

Jealousy is a storm cloud in the middle of the sky. A snail in front of a rabbit. A little tomato plant in front of a very big fir.

I feel sad when I lose a friend. When someone dies. When there is an accident.

Sadness is a baby crying. A fly in a pool. A dog without food.

I feel proud when I have a 10 in an exam. When I win a competition.

Pride is a bulldog in front of a chihuahua. Superman after saving the world. A very tall building surrounded of very tiny houses. 

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